#Lidar System | Development

#Velodyne Lidar | Lidar based perception software | VDK for short range pedestrian detection, collision avoidance and cross reference

#Unitree Robotics | Laikago quadruped robot | Equipped with the Velodyne Puck |Can be used as a fully autonomous machine with Isaac SDK

#Knightscope | Multi terrain four wheel version robot is under development

#Boston Dynamics | Velodyne sensors

#NVIDIA | Isaac SDK | Robot Development Kit | Jetson platform | Velodyne lidar sensor

#Clearpath Robotics | Unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development

#Scaled Robotics | Digitizing construction | Employing unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) | Using Clearpath Robotics Husky UGV and Jackal UGV equipped with Velodyne lidar sensors

#Robotic Research | Automated boarding and securement for wheelchair passengers | Velodyne lidar | Point cloud generated by lidar data provides critical input for detecting, classifying and predicting the motion of passengers on or around the lift | Autonomous shuttles

#AutonomouStuff | Open Autonomy Pilot (OAP) | Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Platform outfitted with a Velodyne lidar

#Ouster | High resolution scanning and solid-state digital lidar sensors

#Outsight | Real-time 3D LiDAR perception solutions | SHIFT LiDAR Software | Real-time 3D LiDAR pre-processor | Enables application developers and integrators to easily utilize LiDAR data from any supplier | Integrate any LiDAR into any project (SLAM, object detection and tracking, segmentation and classification)

#IDTechEx | Lidar technology research

#Edge AI and Vision Alliance | Embedded Vision Summit

#Viva Technology in Paris | 3D LiDAR-based Software | Transforming raw data from LiDAR into real-time actionable insights | Outsight

#Voyant Photonics | LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles

#Quanergy Quanergy

#MicroVision | Compact LiDAR sensors

#Luminar | Lidar sensors and perception software

#Livox | Lidar sensors

#Leishen Lidar | Lidar sensors

#Hesai | Perception software solutions

#Blickfeld | Lidar sensors

#Baraja | Spectrum-Scan lidar | Prism-like optics splitting light beam into different colors, allowing for high-resolution 3D imaging with a simpler, more reliable design